Scroll down to the bottom for class descriptions. Please reach out to for more information. Please see below for our class registration & take note of our new registration periods going from monthly to sessions.

Mondays & Wednesdays ‘Ori Tahiti

MAY 1 through JUN 21


This class option gives access to our in-person classes at Mission Blue Center AND our virtual classes on Zoom (for when you can’t be with us in the studio).

Session Cost:
See Brisbane Park & Rec website

Virtual (Zoom)

This option gives access to our virtual classes on Zoom. This is a great option for those not local or not comfortable meeting in person, but still want to continue learning.

Session Cost:
$45 per session

Tuesdays ‘Ori Tahiti Conditioning


Session Cost:
See Brisbane Park & Rec site for pricing

Virtual (Zoom)

Session Cost:
$25 per session


All payments for in-person classes must be made through the Brisbane Parks & Recreation website. All payments for virtual classes must be made directly to Desiree Woodward-Lee. All payments must be made prior to attending your first class! No transactions will be accepted onsite. For more information, please reach out to

Drop Ins

Drop ins are always welcome for a $10 fee. All payments for drop-ins must be made directly to Desiree Woodward-Lee. All payments must be made by at least 3pm Pacific Time the same day of your intended class. The earlier, the better! No transactions will be accepted onsite. For more information, please reach out to

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Safety Plans

Our biggest priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy as we transition to this new normal and going forward. Here are some of the safety precautions that we’ll be taking and some things we’re asking you to do. We ALL have a part in ensuring we can continue to share the culture.

  • Masks required at all times; bring an extra to change out as needed
  • 6 feet physical distancing (especially because we are indoors)
  • Temperature screening
  • Vaccination encouraged, but not required
  • Personal belongings – to be kept in your car, locked. Only bring your essentials (yourself, water, pareau, towel)

Parents – we welcome you to observe class from outside to allow us to maintain safe physical distance and your child’s attention.

Self responsibility is key! If you are feeling under the weather (even just a little bit) PLEASE DO NOT COME TO CLASS. We all need to take responsibility for our health and the health of our community. We will not tolerate anyone that is willing to “risk it.”

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Top Questions

Q: Will you have hand sanitizer on site? What other cleaning/sanitizing supplies do you have?
A: Hand sanitizer will be on site as you enter and in the class space. When in doubt, bring your own!

Q: What sanitizing measures will be taken between classes?
A: In between classes, we will be using an atomizer fogger as a precaution.

Q: If I forget my mask at home, will you have back ups available?
A: It is your responsibility to bring your mask(s) to class. However, if you forget your mask at home, we will have limited amounts available.

Q: Will you have the windows open for air circulation?
A: Windows will be open as weather permits.

Q: Will there be markers on the floor to ensure people maintain 6 feet apart?
A: We will likely not have permanent floor markers, as the space will be open for even rentals starting in the fall. However, may use temporary markers (e.g. plastic cones) to mark space.

Q: Is proof of vaccination required?
A: Proof of vaccination will be accounted for. However, vaccination is not required to attend in-person classes.

Q: Why are we moving to sessions instead of monthly registration?
A: Sessions is the model Brisbane Parks and Recreation uses in all other programs. O Hina’aro Nui was the only group/class following the monthly model. The City of Brisbane would like to have all programs on the same calendar for better control.

Q: Why does the registration price look so high for registration?
A: The facilities and WiFi fees are included in your registration.

Q: I’m registered for in-person classes. If I am sick, can I dial into class via Zoom?
A: Yes. We will make sure that you have access if you cannot physically attend class. We know emergencies happen, but please try to give as much notice as possible, so our team can plan accordingly.

Q: I have more questions. Who can I go to?
A: Email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Class Descriptions

‘Ori Tahiti

Tamari’i – Children Ages 4 – 12
Vahine/Tane – Adults Ages 13+

Come and learn the basics of ‘Ori Tahiti (Tahitian Dance). Through these classes, you will learn the basic terminology of hand movements and hip movements of ‘Ori Tahiti (Tahitian Dance), basic drum beats of Tahiti, and a splash of Reo Mā’ohi (Tahitian Language). No previous experience is required; all levels welcome!

Required attire: Pareo (sarong), shorts or sweatpants for girls. Athletic shorts or sweatpants for boys, t-shirt, no shoes (socks are permissible)

Conditioning / Solo Training – Adults Ages 13+

This class requires at least 6 months of recent experience in ‘Ori Tahiti. An intent to compete in solo competition for the current season is highly encouraged. The main topics covered in this class are refining basics, conditioning the body, and challenging the mind. Students must be enrolled in the Vahine/Tane class & must speak with Desiree prior to enrolling.

Required attire: Pareo (sarong), shorts or sweatpants for girls. Athletic shorts or sweatpants for boys, t-shirt, no shoes (socks are permissible).

Drumming & Music

Check out our O Hina’aro Nui – Rohi Pehe Facebook Page for the latest information. Be sure to follow to get notifications on upcoming pop-ups!


Here’s our drumming class at their first competition under the direction of Kristopher Lee. They entered hura ava tau (beginner) and placed first in their category.